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Thanks Colin, for taking the time to explain. This is a great site btw. Such detail!
Sally – 14/06/2020
Helpful Colin – very well named! Thankyou!
Peter Armstrong – 04/06/2020
Excellent guides Colin – so clear and straightforward. . . .
Huw – 23/05/2020
Hi Colin,
Your webpage proved invaluable to fixing my cistern.
The cistern was taking forever to fill and using your guidance I was quickly able to attribute it to the diaphragm valve. . . .
Charlle – 21/05/2020
Hello Colin,
Amazing explanation!
Jacopo – 20/05/2020
nice.. article.. thank you..
mady – 06/05/2020
This post is very informative. I have learn a lot form the post. Thank you for the useful post.
Amanda – 05/04/2020
Thanks for the wonderful article. Very informative. I have faced this situation often. Never thought there is blog about it. Very [many] thanks.
Neha Sharma – 31/05/2019
Worked like a charm. Thanks a million, Colin. My wife thinks that I’m a superhero. . . I had to admit that I had a sidekick named “Helpful Colin.”
Jim – 20/09/2017
Thanks for this great post Colin, especially the super helpful photos. I’m quite technically inclined and this was a little more complicated than I thought and your ‘gotchas’ regarding the switches etc. were really helpful and I’m sure this saved me at least an hour of time I would have lost making an error. Now my DC18 is good for another 5-10 years of service!
spadesmaster – 26/10/2017
Thirdly, congratulations on a fantastic, detailed article. You don’t assume knowledge in the reader, so this could be understood by someone with no technical knowledge, yet you go into details that I find interesting (and I have a lot of technical knowledge). I look forward to exploring more of your site.
John Bull – 08/09/2017
Thanks for your detailed description of how to do this. It was extremely helpful in clearing our sink. I especially liked the well labelled photos. It would have been inconvenient to wait days for a plumber and I don’t think I would have felt I could undertake the task without seeing this post! Thanks.
Lizzy Booth – 31/08/2017
Thanks very much Colin.
I had the exact same problem with my DC18,
ordered the undercarriage and followed your online instructions. I found then clear and precise and now have a fully operational vacuum once more.
Richard – 15/01/2016
This is one of the best descriptions that I have encountered on a topic that is far from intuitive! Impressive and very helpful. I did managed to somehow correct my ‘ever flowing’ cistern before I read the article, and now I understand the why and how which is very satisfying!
Chris – 03/11/2014
Thank you so much for your help. Machine was making a horrendous noise, followed your advice with the torch etc. and sure enough bra wire just about visible, managed to remove it and now all good! Phew!
Susan Sully – 12/06/2015
Wow Colin!!!Thank you for your super-thorough instructions. Just done the replacement followed your instructions and it was totally straightforward. Delighted! Saved us buying a new Dyson!! Thank you!!
Claire – 16/02/2014
You absolutely rock Colin! This is a brilliant tutorial; clear, well-written and comprehensive. Thank you.  
Ed – 13/11/2016
Thank you! Success at last due to your kind assistance, Colin. All the best!
Joanna Bush – 05/09/2015
Best ever description of something simple yet complex that I have ever read. Thank you very much for your effort.
Eric James – 21/07/2015
Thanks so much for publishing this. I just fixed my wife’s DC18 and she’s happy again. And I didn’t have to fork over for a new unit. Just the under carriage. I did find it difficult to get to the four screws in step 4 before removing the roller ball and the assembly that holds the rollerball end caps. Once that assembly was out of the way, they were easy to remove. I reassembled in this manner and had little trouble.
Thanks again. And yes, very helpful, Colin!
Steve P. – 07/09/2013
Oh Colin, what a superb instruction and with such great detail too. We have a Mira Event shower which we have a pressure problem with. We have to turn up the inside dial to maximum to get a decent water pressure. I recently changed the filters as they were clogged up and thought that would help but it hasn’t. I also changed the rail and shower head-not a Mira shower rail and head but a cheap one from Wilkinsons. Any ideas on how to get our pressure back without having to turn up to the max. Thanks and keep up your great work. Happy New Year Tom.
Tom Ryan – 10/01/2016
Colin: Just like everyone else, I wanted to say thank you thank you thank you! Your instructions made it easy for me — usually I’m inept at such stuff. I got the part for about 65 bucks delivered. Installed in about an hour. Much easier than I thought… And so, you’ve saved us the cost of a new vacuum. I hope to attempt other fixes in the future. Much better than just rebuying everything in life!
Mart – 26/04/2014
Thank you Colin you have been most helpful I will get onto it straight away. Thank you my friend.
Glynn – 15/10/2016