WordPress and This Blog


Sorry the sizes below relate to my old theme. I have to readjust them for the Twenty Sixteen theme I now use.

Current Maximum Width Screen Sizes

All Screens

Site Width: 1305px

Header Width: 1305px

Header Height: ?px

Menu Bar, etc. Width: ?px

Menu Bar, etc. Height: ?px

Sub Menu Items, Width: 200px

Sub Menu Items, Height: 36px

Go To Top Icon: 48px x 48px

Featured Images

Width: ?px

Height: ?px

Aspect Ratio W:H =?

Blog Posts

Content Width: 600px

Maximum Image Width: 600px

Maximum Image Height: 1100px

Left Margin: 111px

Text Width: 672px

Right Margin: 111px

Right Border: black 1px within right margin

Video Width: 672px

Video Height for Aspect Ratio 4:3 : 504px

Video Height for Aspect Ration 16:9 : 378px

Content Sidebar Width: 366px

Left Margin: 15px

Widget Width: 336px = 672 ÷ 2

Right Margin: 15px

Variable Full Width Pages

Left Margin: 30px

Text Width Max: 1200px

Right Margin: 30px

Fixed Full Width Pages

Left Margin: 30px

Text Width: 1200px

Right Margin: 30px