About Helpful Colin

A Promotion by Helpful Colin’s Mentor – Becci Boo

Helpful Colin
Helpful Colin displays his Casio
Databank Watch from the 1990’s.

Helpful Colin (or ‘HC’ to his family and friends) is so-called because he is always happy to help.

With a background in telecommunications and a fascination with all things technical – from physics to electronics, and computing to DIY – Colin is a genius of sorts.

The aim of this blog is to give Colin the chance to share his investigation and discovery with a wider audience… and if you are stuck with a technological matter, Colin is always happy to impart his wisdom and knowledge.

Why not get in touch by commenting on a post. Alternatively you can just keep up to date with his latest topics and discussions by subscribing to his blog’s RSS feed or following him on Pinterest or Twitter..

— by Becci Boo (Mentor)

Happy investigating!

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22 December 2021