Visiting Market Bosworth

Visiting Market Bosworth


Most of the pictures here were taken on our first visit to Market Bosworth in 2012.

We have retuned several times since and will continue to do so because it is such a charming English town in the county of Leicestershire. You can see its relative location on the maps below, surrounded by Loughborough, Leicester, Hinckley, Nuneaton, Tamworth, Ashby-de-la-Zouch and Coalville:

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The pin locates Market Bosworth’s Market Place on both maps. Select/click the + sign repeatedly to zoom in on it.

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Visiting Market Bosworth
Visiting Market Bosworth
Visiting Market Bosworth

Spot the chaffinch:

This is one of the beautiful things we (my wife and I) saw on visiting Market Bosworth.

Market Bosworth Famous for the Battle of Bosworth in 1485.

We parked in a side road near the local park and wandered over to the Beau (small lake) where we had a good look at the upside down ducks.

Visiting Market Bosworth
Ducks on Bow Pool at Market Bosworth Country Park.

It was while watching the ducks that we met the first friendly person who wanted to chat. This friendliness of the Market Bosworth people was seen throughout the day. We have never been anywhere where so many local people spoke to us first. Some just wanted to say hello but several wanted to engage us in conversation. Even a lady sipping tea on a bench in her front garden on Sutton Lane called us over and made conversation with us, advising where we could walk if we started down Sutton Lane.

Before venturing from the town we found a small table outside a building in the Market Place with books on it priced up and a collection box for honest souls to buy and pay. Adjacent we found a coffee shop with easy chairs in Peppercorn Cottage under some scaffolding. This was old and previously renovated in the 19th century.

The chaffinch above and below in the Gallery were photographed on Sutton Lane as were the horses, Blue Tit and Pheasant. (The chaffinch in the Gallery is the same one as above.)

Buildings We Saw When Visiting Market Bosworth

The town is very small and only has a population of around 2000 people. So all the houses are near the centre and you can walk to town in a short time.

Visiting Market Bosworth
Town House on Sutton Lane, Market Bosworth.

There are many fine houses and cottages. All old properties appear to have been renovated and there are some nice new houses on Sutton Lane which compliment the old houses well. See this example (right).

Visiting Market Bosworth
Country House in Market Bosworth viewed from Sutton Lane.

If I’m going to show you the new houses I’d better let you see the old ones too. The first in the distance across the fields (although it doesn’t look very far away here) is on Shenton Lane to the west of Sutton Lane.

Lunch At Softley’s

After our walk down Sutton Lane for half an hour we turned back to the town so we could go and have lunch at a local hotel called Softley’s on the Market Place. We both had Stilton and Walnut cream Paté with Red Onion chutney and Melba toast. I followed that with Tuscan Beef marinated in red wine, with Tomatoes, Garlic & Rosemary and a warm Basil Scone. My wife had Pan fried Lambs liver on Champ Potato, crispy Bacon & red wine sauce. We then shared a Panna Cotta with Mixed berries. Softley’s served really good food (you may soon see a report on Trip Advisor). I’ve never had such wonderful Panna Cotta.

After lunch we headed for the butcher’s J.W.Lampard and Son. Here we found another very friendly Market Bosworth man who gave us a very nice sample of his cheese after we bought some tempting steak.

The whole experience of visiting this town was helped along by the mild temperature and the sun which fought its way through the haze making everywhere bright and clean. One thing I failed to do was take enough photos. More of what I did take can be seen in the Gallery below:


Visiting Market Bosworth
Thatched Alms Houses in the centre of Market Bosworth.
Visiting Market Bosworth
Rainbow Cottage at the Junction of Shenton Lane and Market Place.
Visiting Market Bosworth
The Old Black Horse Inn, Market Place.
Visiting Market Bosworth
A grey horse grazing in a field at Market Bosworth. As seen from Sutton Lane.
Visiting Market Bosworth
Chestnut horses grazing as seen from Sutton Lane.
visiting market bosworth
Blue Tit in Sutton Lane
visiting market bosworth
A Chaffinch in a hedge in Sutton Lane.
Visiting Market Bosworth
Cock Pheasant on Sutton Lane
Visiting Market Bosworth
Daffodils on Park Street
Visiting Market Bosworth
Tulips at the junction of Park Street and Rectory Lane.

To complete our day out we proceeded to the Bosworth Gallery where temptation fell upon us causing us to buy a print of two hares (below):

Visiting Market Bosworth 13


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