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  • Visiting Market Bosworth

    Visiting Market Bosworth

    Introduction Most of the pictures here were taken on our first visit to Market Bosworth in 2012. We have retuned several times since and will continue to do so because it is such a charming English town in the county of Leicestershire. You can see its relative location on the maps below, surrounded by Loughborough,…

  • A Little Bit of Banksy Does You Good

    You can find a selection of work by Banksy over the years in this little celebration of his “War on London.”

  • Invisibility Cloak? Here’s A Man Really Wearing One

    Invisibility Cloak? Here’s A Man Really Wearing One

    “Harry Potter, Predator – eat your hearts out.” Here’s a man wearing a real invisibility cloak. Can You See Chinese Artist Liu Bolin Hiding Inside His Invisibility Cloak In This Picture? Adopt the art of the Chinese Artist – Liu Bolin and you too could hide from the boss by wearing a real invisibility cloak.…