Visiting Market Bosworth

Visiting Market Bosworth 1Spot the Chaffinch. This is one of the beautiful things we (my wife and I) saw on visiting Market Bosworth in Leicestershire.

Market Bosworth Famous for the Battle of Bosworth in 1485.

We parked in a side road near the local park and wandered over to the Beau (small lake) where we had a good look at the upside down ducks.

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Here’s A Man Wearing A Real Invisibility Cloak

“Harry Potter, Predator – eat your hearts out.” Here’s a man wearing a real invisibility cloak.

invisibility cloak
Chinese artist Liu Bolin has become world renowned for his camouflage art.

Adopt the art of Liu Bolin and you too could hide from the boss by wearing a real invisibility cloak.

Maybe some of those silver statues in the street, with collecting bowls, could present themselves so they could only be viewed from a certain angle and become a little more colourful.

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