invisibility cloak

Invisibility Cloak? Here’s A Man Really Wearing One

“Harry Potter, Predator – eat your hearts out.” Here’s a man wearing a real invisibility cloak.

Can You See Chinese Artist Liu Bolin Hiding Inside His Invisibility Cloak In This Picture?

invisibility cloak
Chinese artist Liu Bolin has become world renowned for his camouflage art.

Adopt the art of the Chinese Artist – Liu Bolin and you too could hide from the boss by wearing a real invisibility cloak.

Maybe some of those silver statues in the street, with collecting bowls, could present themselves so they could only be viewed from a certain angle and become a little more colourful.

Want to see some more from Liu Bolin? Click here (please beware not all these sites are secure, i.e. https):


There is a little more art available here: Visiting Market Bosworth – Helpful Colin




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3 responses to “Invisibility Cloak? Here’s A Man Really Wearing One”

  1. Becci avatar

    I love this… Though I dread to think how long it takes, when I think my make up takes 15mins and that’s just concealer and mascara!

    1. Helpful Colin avatar

      Do you think he looks at himself in a free standing mirror to check himself out or would he be seeing himself on the camera screen?
      There’s more here:

  2. Bethan avatar

    Looks like the camouflage suit in the newest Sherlock film too! Awesome.

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