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I made this video of myself using a bread maker (Panasonic SD206) in 2001 but had no means of publishing it back then. So I have decided to publish it now so that the effort wasn’t completely wasted.

I hope it helps people who are considering getting a bread maker but are not sure how one is used in practice.

Issues I Had Using A Bread Maker

An example of a simple issue that I found is the need for a place on the worktop with plenty of space above it. The space is needed to facilitate opening the bread maker lid. They are by nature tall even with the lid closed due to the depth of bucket required to contain a loaf, and the space required beneath it for the paddle activating mechanism. In my kitchen at the time I struggled to find that place because of all the wall cupboards. As you can see in the video I had to place it on the front edge of the worktop. The lid is so thick it cannot be fully opened because it touches the cupboard behind it.

Another unexpected issue, with this model at least, is it wobbles about on its tall rubber feet. This occurs while mixing the dough due to its eccentric position within the bucket.

The Video: Using A Bread Maker – Panasonic SD206

Some Differences Among Bread Makers

The Panasonic SD206 instructions specified a particular order in which the ingredients should be placed in the bucket. On discussing this with friends I found their instructions for alternate brands generally specified putting in the ingredients in reverse order. In all cases the water was deemed to go in last. In particular I noted that the yeast was segregated from the sugar and salt  by the flour. That allows the mixture to sit at rest, while hours pass until mixing the dough commences, without the yeast being activated by the sugar or killed by the salt.

My Conclusions After Using A Bread Maker

I soon got the hang of using this bread maker and used it every other day to make bread for sandwiches for my lunch at work. I put the ingredients in before I went to bed and timed it so that the loaf was ready by the time I got up in the morning.

Eventually I stopped using it and gave it to my cousin who was keen to try a bread maker.

Please note there were no technical reasons for me giving it away. I just started putting on weight because of the lovely bread it produced. That was because there was a lot of butter and sugar in the bread I was making. I found I was taking half a loaf of bread to work each day.

Now I’m retired and lost weight, my wife has hinted that she might like a bread maker again. Watch this space.


  1. Instruction Manual with recipes for the Panasonic SD206.
  2. Some spare parts can be obtained for the Panasonic SD206 from espares_logo
  3. Parts are also available at The Sale UK .com.

Author: Helpful Colin

I have a background in telecommunications and a fascination with all things scientific and technical - from physics to electronics, and computing to DIY.

3 thoughts on “Using Bread Maker Panasonic SD206”

  1. Hello

    I wanted to thank you for this video. I just spent better part of an hour trying to put the bread dough program wrong way round. I keep forgetting how to do it properly!

  2. Thank you very much for the SD-206 instructions with recipes. Whenever I run out of bread at home I always think about my bread machine, but can never find the recipes…now I have them again. Thanks!

  3. Thanx Colin your excellent video & links have saved me hours of messing around, following a fruitless search trying to locate a long lost manual. Fantastic internal view of the machine as the magic happens.

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