another method of opening food cans

Opening Food Cans By Unusual Means


The videos here demonstrate some methods of opening food cans without a traditional can opener.

If you try any of these methods then be aware that cans have sharp edges where the metal is cut. You could get cut yourself before the can is open.

1st Method of Opening Food Cans

This is another method of getting into food cans without a can opener. It involves grinding off the folded over edge of the can. The grinding material is in this case is flat concrete laid on the ground. I must warn you it does get a bit messy when the can begins to open:


The Telegraph – cutting open food cans without a can opener.

2nd Method of Opening Food Cans

This method is performed by Dave Hax using a spoon to cut through the metal top of the can.

This method (using a spoon) might work better if the edge of the spoon was sharpened by grinding it on concrete.

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