my weight is reducing

My Weight Is Reducing Slowly But Surely


Since my last post on body weight (Excel Templates for Body Weight Records) I have continued to try and lose weight. Well slowly but surely my weight is reducing and I have my latest graph to demonstrate it below (select it to enlarge it):

my weight is reducing
My Weight Loss Graph for 2015 up to 27th July.

I have struggled to lose 35 pounds (2½ stones) over a 10 year period. I recall saying I wanted to retire at the correct weight, but that never happened. Well I’m nearly there so I hope those struggling to lose weight can gain some cheer from this article.

Weight Loss Graph Data

Key to the bars & curve on the graph:

Actual Weight – measured daily

Estimated Weight – e.g. when away from home

Weight After Events – meals that cause me to put on weight overnight

28 day rolling average curve (visible when enlarged) – average of weight on any day and the previous 27 days

Graph Axis:

X-axis: This is divided into days commencing at 01/01/2015 and ending on 31/12/2015.

Y-axis: This is divided into pounds with target markers at half stone intervals commencing at 161 pounds (11½ stones) and rising to 196 pounds (14 stones).

The Rate At Which My Weight Is Reducing:

From the 28 day rolling average curve on the graph my current rate of weight loss is roughly 1¼ pounds per fortnight as it was earlier in the year.

My Weight Is Reducing Because:

  1. I am exercising regularly (7 days per week);
  2. I am eating the right food;
  3. I have reduced my alcohol intake;
  4. I have cut out roughly 50% of my breakfasts.

Why my Weight Is Reducing – The Detail

1. I am exercising regularly

Since I acquired Leo my border collie I have taken him walking for ¾ of an hour in the morning and 1¼ hours in the afternoon. The morning walk requires me to throw a tennis ball with the aid of a ball sling giving me some upper body exercise as well as lower body exercise (walking). Dogs have to be walked seven days per week and I take him on holiday so I don’t get many breaks from it.

I also have DIY projects from time to time such as painting and wallpapering. That involves climbing steps and getting down to floor level.

2. I am eating the right food

My wife has her body weight well checked and has done for some years since she went on a Weight Watchers course. She is a good cook and knowledgeable about food. So I get to eat plenty of good enjoyable food. Although I’m inclined to overindulge I listen to her advice about calorie consumption. I also enjoy salads which we have all year round. They are very varied, not just lettuce and tomato.

3. I have reduced my alcohol intake

I don’t consider myself a big drinker. I am the family driver so I have to abstain whenever I go out for a meal. I confine myself to soft drinks, usually diet coke.

Drinking red wine with my evening meal has been fairly common in recent years, so that is what I have cut down on.

4. I have cut out roughly 50% of my breakfasts

This may seem unusual but I have cut out breakfast for roughly 50% of the week. Before I started doing that I rose at about 06:00 and had a cereal breakfast, including milk, almost immediately while reading the news on my computer. I find that if I leave it out I can get to 08:00 or 09:00 without noticing the time passing. I then take my dog for his walk. By the time I return home the day has moved on and I find I haven’t missed my breakfast. So I wait until lunch time to eat.

I could reduce each day’s breakfast by 50% but I feel hungry if I don’t have the full amount. I find it easier to go without. I think it’s a matter over mind issue.

I understand breakfast is considered the best meal of the day and people are advised to always have one. Well when I reach my desired weight I too will be having a regular breakfast again. I miss it out because it has many calories. I only have bran based cereals or muesli with milk which dosn’t require any added sugar but it’s loaded with calories.

Where Am I Heading

I am heading for at most 174 pounds (just under 12½ stones) and a BMI of 25. That will take me to the boundary between healthy weight and overweight. After that it’s all downhill towards 167 pounds (just under 12 stones) and a BMI of 24, a healthy position. Today I weighed 177¾ pounds with a BMI of 25.5.

Calculating Body Mass Index (BMI)

Below is a BMI chart where the numbers in the coloured squares show the Body Mass Index calculated from the weights shown on the X-axis along the top and heights shown on the Y-axis down the left side using the formulae:

\displaystyle \text{BMI=}\frac{\text{(X in kg)}}{{{\left( \frac{\text{Y in cm}}{100} \right)}^{2}}}

my weight is reducing
BMI Chart



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