Fieldfares Visited Alvaston Derby In January 2013

Fieldfares Visited Alvaston Derby

Fieldfare – Turdus pilaris – a member of the thrush family.

When Fieldfares visited Alvaston Derby I was ready with my camera.

On 22nd January 2013 Fieldfares visited Alvaston Derby where I saw them. First I saw them in my garden and later in a tree overhanging my friend’s garden across the road in the same street. Of course I don’t know that they were the same pair of birds in both gardens.

Fieldfares migrate to England in winter from northern Europe but this was my first sighting of them. It was a bad winter with a fair amount of snow in early 2013 so I’m sure they came looking for food.

Fieldfares In My Garden

Here are some pictures of one sitting in the snow on my lawn. It was very good of the fieldfare to stay settled for quite some time while I took these three still pictures and a video:

Fieldfares Visited Alvaston Derby
A Fieldfare Settled In The Snow
Fieldfares Visited Alvaston Derby
The Fieldfare Looks Back
Fieldfares Visited Alvaston Derby
Then The Fieldfare Becomes Alert

NOTE: The three images above have had their Gamma Correction expanded by a factor of 1.4 to brighten up the fieldfare’s plumage.

The following video continues to show the same bird as in the still photos sitting in the snow. It doesn’t walk or fly but it does look around.

Fieldfares Viewed From My Friends Garden

The next video shows a pair of fieldfares hopping about in a tree and feeding on red berries adjacent to my friend’s garden.

There were just two Fieldfares and they stayed close to each other.


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