New Facade at Derby Train Station

Flash Mob Opened New Forecourt at Derby Train Station

The Flash Mob Danced on The New Forecourt

On 16th April 2013 Derby celebrated by way of dance to an appropriate tune “The Loco-Motion”. The dance was performed by a Flash Mob at the opening of the new Derby Train Station Forecourt. This happened after months of disruption and a lot of money spent. See the short portion of video below:

Other dances were performed too (at least one other) and the opening ceremony could be seen here ( in the article published by the Derby Telegraph, but they have updated their system and it’s no longer available.

Anyway, this is what they were celebrating. The new look of the station entrance shown below.

New Facade at Derby Train Station
Derby Midland Station Entrance 2013 Upgrade

The previous version of the forecourt had a basic design fault. When tall vehicles, like vans, arrived at the entrance their top nearside corners were able to smash into the metal fascia of the overhanging canopy and cause noticeable damage. This tended not to get repaired and the forecourt soon took on a shabby appearance.

This is how that previous appearance looked before the latest upgrade:

Derby Station Forecourt Before 2013 upgrade (no Flash Mob then)
Derby Station Forecourt Before 2013 upgrade

When the design above was built the whole of the internal foyer was redesigned too. An electronic destination board and automatic ticketing barriers were eventually installed too. When the latest forecourt was built those features in the foyer remained as they were since they were already modern.

You can see from the photo of the station before and after the latest upgrade that the tiled roof, windows and station name above, covering the foyer went unchanged.

. . . and before that it looked like this when I was a young man:

Derby Station Forecourt 1980 (no Flash Mob then)
Derby Station Forecourt 1980

You can read more about my interest in railways (particularly steam railways) here: My Railway Experiences.



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