Repairing A Toilet Silent Fill Valve


I recently heard my cistern overflowing. On investigation I decided to adjust the float level to stop it by reducing the height to which the water in the cistern rose when it filled. A few days later I heard the distinct sound of the cistern overflowing again. I then realised I needed to repair my Toilet Silent Fill Valve.

In order to satisfy the requirements of Internet SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) the valve is referred to, in this article, specifically as a Toilet Silent Fill Valve or more generally Silent Fill Valve but its full title is a Silent Fill Toilet Cistern Inlet Valve since it is:

  1. A Valve.
  2. An Inlet Valve.
  3. A Cistern Inlet Valve.
  4. A Toilet Cistern Inlet Valve.
  5. A Silent Fill Toilet Cistern Inlet Valve.

Repairing a Toilet Silent Fill Valve used in a toilet is, in my opinion, easier to perform than one on a traditional ball valve (ball cock). Modern inlet valves take up the minimum of space with their small float, are made of plastic and can often be dismantled by strong hands without any spanners because their screw threads don’t jam with calcium and corrosion like brass ones. They are available in various formats. Some mount through a hole in the side of the cistern, and are a good replacement for old brass ones (which are usually mounted that way), while others stand on a tubular stalk inside the cistern which mounts through a hole in the bottom of the cistern. When the fill pipe is attached at the bottom of the cistern the pipe can often be situated out of sight. Bathrooms look much nicer and cleaner when pipes are out of view.

It may be that a Replacement Fill Valve is required. If so take a look at my article “Replacing A Toilet Fill Valve”.

To find out how a Toilet Silent Fill Valve works see the addendum to this post entitled:

How A Toilet Silent Fill Valve Works

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Targeted Attacks via Internet Explorer Confirmed by Microsoft

There is a vulnerability (flaw) which allows targeted attacks via Internet Explorer versions 6 through 11 to be made on MS Windows PC’s.

The attack seems complex to me and probably not easily made against the masses. The ultimate goal of an attacker would be to encourage a PC user to visit dangerous websites.

Microsoft plan to fix the problem with updates distributed in their normal way, i.e. monthly updates.

ITPRO LogoIf you want to find out more you can visit ITPRO here. Some PC’s will be more vulnerable than others depending on what version of Windows is used and whether Outlook, Outlook Express or Windows Mail are viewing an HTML document.

Or you could visit Microsoft here and read Microsoft Security Advisory 2963983, Published: April 26, 2014.

WordPress Vulnerability Affecting Mobiles

I just want to pass on knowledge of this WordPress vulnerability affecting mobiles, detected by AVAST, whereby mobile device users are susceptible to redirection. They can be redirected to a malicious web site from WorbPress blogs where the blogger is using a plugin called OptimizePress. NOTE: I am not using that plugin in this blog.

Read all about it in this AVAST Blog Post published on 17th April 2014.

The malicious web site is at (I have not linked to it.)


Unblocking My Wash Basin Drain


I recently noticed the waste water leaving my bathroom wash basin was taking more time than usual to drain away. Realising this meant a total blockage may be imminent, I set to work dismantling the waste pipe and bottle trap so that I could begin unblocking my wash basin drain. Boy was there some gunge to clear out.

“This operation can involve spilling DIRTY water. So be warned and be prepared.” — HC

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A Meteor Narrowly Missed A Skydiver

When A Meteor Narrowly Missed A Skydiver

A meteor narrowly missed a skydiver, Anders Helstrup in 2012, when it passed him, on its way to earth, after he opened his parachute whilst skydiving above Hedmark, Norway. It was all captured on his helmet cam.

The “dark flight” meteor (called that because it was not glowing hot) is thought to have broken off a larger meteor higher in the atmosphere. It was considered to be the first time such a meteor has been captured on video.

My featured image has been enhanced using PhotoZoom Pro 5 by BenVista.

Below you can see the video of the event:

You can read all about it here at PetaPixel.