meteorite nearly hit skydiver

Meteorite Nearly Hit Skydiver Anders Helstrup In 2012


A meteorite nearly hit skydiver Anders Helstrup in 2012 as it passed him on its way to earth. after he opened his parachute whilst He was skydiving above Hedmark, Norway, and had opened his parachute when the incident happened. Anders was able to capture the near mis on his helmet cam.

More About The Meteorite That Nearly Hit A Skydiver

The “dark flight” meteorite (called that because it was not glowing hot) is thought to have broken off a larger meteor higher in the atmosphere. It was considered to be the first time such a meteorite has been captured on video in this way.

I’ve referred to it as a meteorite because I have to presume that if it wasn’t burning up as it passed Anders it would have landed on earth. Meteors burn up and don’t land.

My featured image has been enhanced using PhotoZoom Pro 6 by BenVista.

Below you can see the video of the event where the meteorite nearly hit skydiver Anders Helstrup:

You can read all about it here at PetaPixel.

Some Meteorites Have Hit People

Here are three instances of people struck by meteorites, according to Wikipedia, one of whom was reportedly killed:

  • A fragment of a Grapefruit sized meteorite hit Ann Hodges in Oak Grove, Alabama, near Sylacauga, in the United States, on 30th November 1954,
  • In 1992 a small meteorite fragment (3g) hit a young Ugandan boy in Mbale,
  • In 1677 in a manuscript published at Tortona, Italy, tells of a Milanese friar who was killed by a meteorite.

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