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  • How I Repaired A Dualit Milk Frother Model DMF2

    dualit milk frother corroding

    Introduction My wife pressed the start button on the Dualit Milk Frother (Model DMF2) one day in the summer of 2017 and it no longer worked. This persisted so we had to heat the milk in the microwave oven for a week or two until we got a new frother. Of course, me being me, […]

  • Dyson Slim DC18 Cleaner Head Maintenance

    Dyson Slim DC18 Cleaner Head

    Introduction This article advises how to perform Dyson Slim DC18 Cleaner Head Maintenance. This can involve removing the Brushbars to remove items that have got wrapped around them and removing the Soleplate for access  so dirt can be cleaned out. In extreme cases the Motor Housing can be opened so that dirt can be sucked out of […]