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  • Retractable Clothes Washing Line Repair

    Retractable Clothes Washing Line Repair

    Introduction What is a retractable clothes washing line? Find out here. Generally I have found retractable clothes washing lines very useful. They mainly keep the line clean so that it doesn’t dirty the washing pegged out on it. My problem has been breakage. I have had them break because they are not capable of taking…

  • Securing Shed Doors

    Securing Shed Doors

    Introduction In 1997 both of my sheds were burgled. I thought I’d made them secure enough. I’d used hasps with the thickest staples I could find on the market (similar to these) and disc padlocks with hardened shackles. But the burglars cut through each staple in two places making a gap through which the padlock shackle…

  • Repairing Rotten Garden Seat Legs

    Repairing Rotten Garden Seat Legs

    Preface This post describes: How to repair garden seat legs that have gone rotten where they come in contact with the ground. The basic method is to remove the rotten wood and replace it with polyester resin. In particular: See the update for 3rd October 2019 entitled, “Replacing The Cap On A Leg.”