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  • Repairing A Toilet Silent Fill Valve

    toilet silent fill valve

    Preface This post describes: How to repair a Toilet Silent Fill Valve. Basically that’s how to replace the rubber diaphragm within the valve. Introduction I recently heard my cistern overflowing. On investigation I decided to adjust the float level to stop it by reducing the height to which the water in the cistern rose when […]

  • Unblocking My Wash Basin Drain

    Unblocking My Wash Basin Drain

    Introduction I recently noticed the waste water leaving my bathroom wash basin drain was taking more time than usual to drain away. Realising this meant a total blockage may be imminent, I set to work dismantling the waste pipe and bottle trap so that I could begin unblocking my wash basin drain. Boy was there some gunge to […]

  • Opening Dual-Flush Toilet Cisterns

    Opening Dual-Flush Toilet Cisterns

    Preface This post describes: Opening Dual-Flush Toilet Cisterns to maintain the inlet valve and flushing mechanism.