PHISHING SPAM ALERT! Purporting to come from Amazon. BEWARE!

Further to my tweets this is the detail of spam I received today. I have unlinked the links (and coloured them orange) so you can’t get caught out:

Your order has been successfully canceled. For your reference, here’s a summary of your order:

You just canceled order #132-138566-4336469 placed on February 3, 2012.



1 of The Suburbs.
By: Una Martin

Sold by: LLC


Thank you for visiting!

Earth’s Biggest Selection

The links go to Obviously not Amazon. So look out for it and BEWARE! Note the date is today and whenever it comes to you it may be dated on that day. It wasn’t detected by BT spam filters (BT advised) or Norton Internet Security 2012 or MS Outlook junk mail spam detectors. I suspect it is a new kid on the block.



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2 responses to “PHISHING SPAM ALERT! Purporting to come from Amazon. BEWARE!”

  1. Happy Tinfoil Cat avatar

    Google reports that site as often having hostile code that installs without your permission. Be very aware!
    Google’s report

    1. Helpful Colin avatar

      Thanks for you comment and for making me aware that Google can be used to check a website in this way. I had another email today which textually had the same format but was trying to take me to a site in Brazil. In this case it was detected and arrived in my Junk Mail folder so I just deleted it. Although BT have acknowledged my report to them they haven’t replied yet.

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