One Pint Glass Tankards Seen In Dalston

One Pint Glass Tankards Seen In Dalston

Has a new era begun now One Pint Glass Tankards have been seen in Dalston?

“One pint glass tankards seen in Dalston pubs in East London such as The Shacklewell Arms.”


A lengthy report from the BBC tells that these drinking vessels may be returning to some pubs frequented by young people in London. They disappeared from pubs around 2001 when the company making them, Ravenhead Glass in St Helens, closed their factory. Apparently they come from Turkey now.

Not everyone is so nostalgic. Some think that the old glass tankard is not so good for the beer as a modern narrow glass. Tankards have the wrong open surface to volume ratio, I believe, which allows the bubbles to escape too soon after pulling the pint. Yes these pubs PULL their pints, unlike many other modern pubs.

See the video below, from St. Chad’s College Bar, Durham (not in Dalston), which shows how a Real Ale should be dispensed.

St. Chad’s Bar, St Chad’s College, Durham University, 18 N Bailey, Durham DH1 3RH.

Unfortunately a “nonic” beer glass is being used here, not a Glass Tankard.

A “nonic” Bulge Style 1 Pint Beer Glass.

The map below shows the location of St Chads Bar in Durham at 18 N Bailey.



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