Finbarr's Restaurant Durham

Dinner At Finbarrs Restaurant In Durham


This post discusses dinner at Finbarrs Restaurant. In reality Finbarr’s has an apostrophe before the “s“, but in order to make this post stand out in search engines I have had to make all references to Finbarr’s Restaurant look like this: Finbarrs Restaurant without the apostrophe.


In Durham there are lots of narrow hilly streets and the river has a big hairpin bend in it so you can walk over one bridge and after a short distance, without doubling back, walk over the same river again. The Market Place is pedestrianised and on quite a steep slope, but it’s all very clean with more pedestrianised streets leading off it. Even the Market Hall on one side of it has a severely sloping floor inside it, and a two storey staircase to get up to it on one side. Here, in the featured image, is a nice view of the River Wear taken from Elvet Bridge. I presume the rowers are sporting university types.

“It’s a bit nippy, a bit dull and there have been a few showers.” – Helpful Colin, May 2012

Dinner At Finbarrs Restaurant

We finished the day with dinner at Finbarrs Restaurant which we came across while walking out of the town centre earlier in the day. It’s No.4 on Trip Advisor’s list of Durham Restaurants (at the time of writing), and deservedly so. It has a very nice ambience and we saw plenty of customers on Friday night. It also has a very nice bar area. NOTE: It can be difficult to find. Walk to the end of Waddington Street furthest from the town where there is an Arriva bus depot. To the right of it is a hotel through an archway. Finbarrs Restaurant is around the back of the hotel off the car park and cannot be seen from the street. There is a sign for the restaurant on the left as you enter from the street by the bus depot.

Dinner at Finbarrs Restaurant Durham
Dinner at Finbarrs Restaurant, Waddington Street, Durham.


  1. Sadly it slipped down to No.10 on Trip Advisor’s Durham Restaurants by 24/12/2014.
  2. As of 2019 it is No. 16 out of 238 on the Durham restaurant list. It was also a Certificate of Excellence winner for 2016 – 2019 according to Trip Advisor.
  3. I found this article about Finbarrs in The Northern Echo: Restaurateur back in Durham months after being forced out of premises.



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