CycloCable gets bikes up that hill.

CycloCable Gets Bikes Up That Hill


We all know it’s a bit of a pain cycling up steep hills especially on our journey to work, but CycloCable gets bikes up that hill in Trondheim, Norway.

This latest version installed in 2013 replaced the prototype Trampe Bicycle Lift installed in 1993 by Jarl Wanwik.

This is how the Norwegians do it. Just watch this video:

You can see more detail about how the ‘CycloCable gets bikes up that hill’ at Gizmodo. Better still why not nip over to the Poma CycloCable® Page to read more about the system.

For larger hills a funicular railway is much better. See the one in Montserrat, Spain or the tramway up the Great Orme in Wales.




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