universe is not expanding

The Universe Is NOT Expanding! – Well Pop Goes That Theory

The Universe Is NOT Expanding?

I have been brought up to understand that I live in an expanding universe, but now that theory has been popped. According to an article in Sci-News.com the universe is not expanding. Measurements have been made of the brightness of stars throughout the universe and they are not consistent with that which theory would predict if the universe were expanding in the way presumed for many years. If there is no significant expansion then the red shift seen in the light from distant objects must have another cause.

Possible Cause of Red Shift

Well how about this for a cause – all matter in the universe is becoming more massive with the progress of time as suggested in this New Cosmology Model. This suggests that the frequency of light given off by hot elements in stars has increased as time has elapsed. So an element radiating a particular frequency in the past now radiates a higher frequency, i.e. old stars, appearing in the distant past, radiated at a lower frequency than newer nearer stars which radiated nearer to our time.

If the evidence mounts we may return to theories relating to a Steady State universe. We now have evidence to show it has changed enormously throughout its existence but there may not be a requirement for it to have begun with a Big Bang. Then there is no need for Inflation either, except for the problem of uniformity as seen in the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB).

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