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  • A Sturdy See-through Gate Keeps My Passage Protected

    A Sturdy See-through Gate Keeps My Passage Protected

    In 2016 I constructed a see-through gate to keep the public out of a passageway I share with a neighbour. I’ve written about it here so that anyone needing a similar see-through gate can take my ideas of how I built it and use them when building their own.

  • Securing Shed Doors

    Securing Shed Doors

    Introduction In 1997 both of my sheds were burgled. I thought I’d made them secure enough. I’d used hasps with the thickest staples I could find on the market (similar to these) and disc padlocks with hardened shackles. But the burglars cut through each staple in two places making a gap through which the padlock shackle…

  • Woodscrews And Bolts

    Woodscrews And Bolts

    Introduction This article on woodscrews and bolts is very basic at the moment but may get improved with time. Woodscrew Chart by W. L. Fuller Coach Screws and Bolts have been used in the construction and erection of my shed as mentioned in my post about Securing Shed Doors.