hand brush for sweeping car snow away

Sweeping Car Snow Away Using A Hand Brush


It’s a nuisance if you get caught out in winter weather without an easy way of sweeping snow away from your car. You might be smartly dressed and have to hurry to your next appointment. So you need to be prepared with a procedure that works and keeps you clean.

The scenario when you begin sweeping car snow away:

It can also be the case that you just got up to go to work and your car has 50mm of snow all over it. You get your warm clothes on and rush outside to begin sweeping car snow away. What do you use?

  • Hands. “Oh! That’s so cold.”
  • Hands with gloves on. “Oh! They’re so wet and cold – the gloves are ruined and I still haven’t moved much snow.”
  • A piece of cardboard. “Oh! The snow has melted and soaked into it and now it’s disintegrating.”
  • A Soft-bristled Hand Brush. “Oh! That’s great. It’s moving large amounts of snow very easily and is resistant to the wet. The bristles are so soft they aren’t damaging my car’s paintwork. I’ll soon have it all swept off and my hands are staying relatively warm and dry.”

Soft-bristled Hand Brushes

These are needed for sweeping car snow away and are available from hardware stores:

  1. from Alliance Online (I suspect the blue plastic brush has the softer bristles),
  2. from Safety Industries.

Don’t forget to carry one with you when winter weather is due.

NOTE: Some hand brushes are sold as ‘Banister Brushes’. Some may have soft bristles but others have stiff bristles. A soft flexible bristle is required to prevent the paintwork getting scratched. Also, make sure that there isn’t any grit embedded in the bristles.

See this post describing a tyre pump that you can carry in your car and power from your battery. It’s the RAC900 made by RING.




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