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  • How To Make Safe Financial Transactions

    How To Make Safe Financial Transactions

    Warning NOTE: “I am trying to help people make safe financial transactions but I take no responsibility for anyone’s financial loss. Reading and following this information is done at your own risk.” — HC Introduction This Article About Safe Financial Transactions Covers: How to avoid being persuaded to send money to a fraudsters account,

  • Bank Machines Will Use Windows XP Beyond The MS Deadline

    Bank Machines Will Use Windows XP Beyond The MS Deadline

    Well, well, well, whose not keeping on top of things then. It looks like all the major banks. This article from ITPRO taken from Reuters points out that some major banks will not have updated their Automatic Telling Machines to Windows 7 by 8th April 2014. This is Microsoft’s published deadline after which there will…

  • Phishing Email NOT From TESCO Bank

    Where Does This Email Pretend To Come From? This phishing email pretends to come from: Tesco Personal Finance As you can see from the image of the email content below if you were to click on the link:;&user=% %  . . . you will not go to a Tesco website. Look carefully…

  • Euro Banknote Issuing Country Codes

    Euro Banknote Issuing Country Codes

    Introduction The Euro crisis has caused some people to be concerned as to who is the Euro Banknote Issuing Country for the banknotes that they hold. The concept being that if a country in the Euro-zone goes belly up its notes will lose considerable value while the notes of the other Euro-zone countries will maintain their value. This situation…

  • ns&i index linked bonds

    I have seen a reference on citywire money to ns&i index linked bonds. One person – nodrog60 – has an issue with advice he was given over the phone by ns&i. As a result he thinks the interest on his investment will be a pittance. Amongst many others one person – ND – has been very…

  • Mortgage lenders have moved the goal posts making it difficult for homeowners to move

    It’s all here about these mortgage lenders on City Wire. Note the FTSE 100 went above the 5700 mark today but finished at 5697.