Draping A Christmas Garland Over A Mirror or Picture

Garland on Chimney Breast Mirror

Introduction It was a few Christmases ago when my wife and I first draped a Christmas Garland over the mirror in our lounge and another over the mirror in the hall. The garlands we bought were fashioned very much to our liking. They just looked like Christmas and became one of those purchases made without… Continue reading Draping A Christmas Garland Over A Mirror or Picture

Making An Insulated Loft Trapdoor

Introduction I recently had a ground floor extension built which required access to the loft space in the pitched roof to provide and service pipes and cables. So I asked the builder to create an insulated loft trapdoor. I made it clear that it should not just be a sheet of MDF or plywood. It must have thermal insulation… Continue reading Making An Insulated Loft Trapdoor

Sighting A Straight Line

Introduction I would say sighting a straight line is a common practice used by builders and joiners to determine if a piece of timber is straight or bowed. It can be used to test any length of timber, but long pieces in particular. The practice requires no tools, just eyesight with a good depth of… Continue reading Sighting A Straight Line