Mushroom Collection of Autumn 2014

Disclaimer From Helpful Colin:

“I take no responsibility for anyone choosing to eat or use in any way Ceps, Toadstools or Mushrooms of any kind. I am not an authority on Ceps, Toadstools or Mushrooms and do not know if any Cep, Toadstool or Mushroom mentioned on this site is safe to eat or touch. I would advise anyone who touches a Cep, Toadstool or Mushroom to wash their hands afterwards to ensure they don’t go on to contaminate:

  • food (human or animal),
  • food preparation surfaces,
  • any item that will be put in a person or animal’s mouth, e.g. a babies dummy, fork, sweet, chewing gum, cigarette, cigar, pipe, dog chew, dog toy or ball,
  • any part of a person or animal’s body, e.g. eyes, nose, mucus membranes.”

Mushroom – Edible Or Not?

While walking my dog Leo this morning (17th October 2014) I found this cep – toadstool – mushroom under a Silver Birch tree. I haven’t seen one like it before so I photographed it with my mobile phone. Continue reading “Mushroom Collection of Autumn 2014”