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  • Asteroid 2014 UR116 Will Cross Earth’s Orbit

    Asteroid 2014 UR116; asteroid day

    This Asteroid Will Cross Earth’s Orbit Although thousands of asteroids have been discovered and their orbits determined there are thought to be many undetected ones. This asteroid will cross Earth’s orbit of the Sun every three years and is called Asteroid 2014 UR116. It was recently discovered by a Russian professor at Moscow State University, Vladimir Lipunov. It is the […]

  • Get Asteroid Day Established On The 30th June

    Asteroid 2014 UR116; asteroid day

    Updated 19th Feb 2021 (Originally Published 5th Dec 2014) It’s Been Proposed To Get Asteroid Day Established Annually On The 30th June There is a movement by astronomers, scientists, astronauts, artists, business leaders, and others, concerned for the long term safety of our species, other species, and our planet, to get Asteroid Day established on the 30th […]