Using A Digital Signature With Outlook

Introduction This article covers some of the issues involved when using a Digital Signature. Each Digital Signature is generated from a Digital Certificate (otherwise known as a Digital ID) issued by a certifying authority. All examples given are created using Microsoft Outlook 2010 on a PC using Microsoft Windows 10, but the principles apply to other versions of… Continue reading Using A Digital Signature With Outlook

How To Make Safe Financial Transactions

Warning NOTE: “I am trying to help people make safe financial transactions but I take no responsibility for anyone’s financial loss. Reading and following this information is done at your own risk.” — HC Introduction This Article About Safe Financial Transactions Covers: How to avoid being persuaded to send money to a fraudsters account,

Phishing Email NOT From TESCO Bank

Where Does This Email Pretend To Come From? This phishing email pretends to come from: Tesco Personal Finance As you can see from the image of the email content below if you were to click on the link:;&user=% %  . . . you will not go to a Tesco website. Look carefully… Continue reading Phishing Email NOT From TESCO Bank