Mains Extension Cable Safety Issues With UK 13 Amp Plug


There are three Mains Extension Cable Safety issues covered in this post which are:

  • A UK 13 Amp Mains Extension Cable Safety Issue where socket can become dangerously exposed. I came across it by chance when I landed on the PlugSafe site. I’ve linked to their site in this post so you can see what they have to say about the subject. I’ve also produced my own pictures depicting the problem so you can see what I’m referring to. Full credit to PlugSafe for making us all aware.
  • A fire risk due to overheating of coiled up mains extension cables when used for heavy loads.
  • A risk of shock when using old 13A plugs which don’t have insulated pins for Live and Neutral connections.

Solar Panel Orientation In The Northern Hemisphere


In the northern hemisphere solar panel orientation is seen by some as unsuitable because they mainly lie on a north-south axis. This enables them to generate the most electricity when the sun is at its zenith (highest in the sky) and is shining straight down (or as near to perpendicular as possible) on the surface of tilted panels.

This orientation allows panels to generate the greatest possible amount of electricity during the middle of the day. However this is not the best time of day to generate. This is because there are problems connecting intermittent sources of electricity, such as solar panels, to the grid.

Apparently, midday electricity isn’t required so much as afternoon electricity. (I’m not sure what is required in the morning.)

More Info on Northern Hemisphere Solar Panel Orientation

Find out more detail about northern hemisphere solar panels pointing the wrong way in this article from The Telegraph.