My Railway Experiences


I think people who search for articles and pictures of railway experiences are usually keen to see them all and not miss any. To help them I have written this short post to bring all my articles together so they can be easily found.

I have already written several posts about my railway experiences and there will likely be more in the future (see this list). So I expect to amend this article on each occasion I have something new to write about.

From my visit to The National Railway Museum (NRM) in York I have chosen the replica of Stephenson’s Rocket for my featured image in this post.

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Hythe To New Romney By Train


It was a nice summer and I enjoyed a family day out travelling from Hythe to New Romney on the Romney, Hythe & Dymchurch Railway in Kent on 5th July 2014. It was an overcast afternoon and the breeze was slightly chilly when it whistled through the carriages. We travelled  West from Hythe as far as New Romney, where we alighted to look at the model railway and take refreshment. The original plan was to go all the way to Dungeness, part of Romney Marsh1, where there is a large loop in the countryside which connects the up and down lines to turn trains around. There is a Railway Station at Dungeness too besides a lighthouse, village, very large shingle beach and a  Nuclear Power Station. However we travelled so late in the day that by the time we were ready to continue our journey we realised we could go from New Romney to Dungeness and back but wouldn’t have time to get back to Hythe. Perhaps I’ll get to see Dungeness next time. This line may have a small gauge (15 inches) but it is a big railway with 13½ miles of track.

Learn more about Romney Marsh2.

Videos and Photographs Taken During My Trip From Hythe To New Romney:

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