GCR Winter Steam Gala 2012

GCR – Great Central Railway


It was a cold but brilliant sunny afternoon at the GCR Winter Steam Gala 2012 (on 28th Jan). I took lots of photos and videos. The event ran all day but I only arrived in the afternoon and here’s my platform ticket:

GCR Winter Steam Gala 2012
GCR Loughborough Central Platform Ticket (both sides) on a Winter Gala Day 2012.

The GCR advertised 12 loco’s in steam and I saw 9. There was continual movement at the Great Central Station, Loughborough, and I did my best to capture it. I walked down to the shed at the north end of the station and found a few things to photograph and video on the way. It became very difficult to video the Royal Mail train leaving due to its delay and the hustle and bustle on the platform. I was only able to video it in the end by holding my camera above my head.

Here is the Featured Image for those who can’t see it.

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For any one wanting to travel to Loughborough Central Station to visit the GCR see the map below to get its location and directions to it:

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