An Explanation of Direct And Inverse Proportion

Introduction At least one of my other posts How Distance Reduces The Power of Radio Waves (not yet published) requires an understanding of mathematical proportionality. In particular it requires an understanding of Inverse Proportion. So I have written this article to try and clarify it. It gives an explanation of the two types of proportion,… Continue reading An Explanation of Direct And Inverse Proportion

Manual Search Using Binary Chop

The Problem To Be Solved. A good friend of mine had found that an Excel spread sheet no longer had a formulae in a particular cell. It had a number there instead. This meant that any changes in other cells associated with the missing formulae had no effect on the result in the TOTAL column.… Continue reading Manual Search Using Binary Chop

The Faster-than-Fast Fourier Transform

Improving The Fast Fourier Transform The Faster-than-Fast Fourier Transform can replace the Fast Fourier Transform to save processing time when digitising an analogue signal. For a large range of practically useful cases, MIT researchers find a way to increase the speed of one of the most important algorithms in the information sciences. – Larry Hardesty,… Continue reading The Faster-than-Fast Fourier Transform