Re Post: ‘Dyson Slim DC18 Undercarriage Repair’ Thanks for this great post Colin, especially the super helpful photos. I’m quite technically inclined and this was a little more complicated than I thought and your ‘gotchas’ regarding the switches etc. were really helpful and I’m sure this saved me at least an hour of time I … Continue reading “2017/10/26 – spadesmaster”

2017/10/26 – spadesmaster

Re Post: ‘Cleaning A Nespresso Aeroccino Milk Frother’ Worked like a charm. Thanks a million, Colin. My wife thinks that I’m a superhero. . . I had to admit that I had a sidekick named “Helpful Colin.”

2017/09/20 – Jim

Re Post: ‘Repairing A Toilet Silent Fill Valve’ Thirdly, congratulations on a fantastic, detailed article. You don’t assume knowledge in the reader, so this could be understood by someone with no technical knowledge, yet you go into details that I find interesting (and I have a lot of technical knowledge). I look forward to exploring more … Continue reading “2017/09/08 – John Bull”

2017/09/08 – John Bull

Re Post: ‘Unblocking My Washbasin Drain’ Thanks for your detailed description of how to do this. It was extremely helpful in clearing our sink. I especially liked the well labelled photos. It would have been inconvenient to wait days for a plumber and I don’t think I would have felt I could undertake the task … Continue reading “2017/08/31 – Lizzy Booth”

2017/08/31 – Lizzy Booth

Re Post: ‘Repairing A Toilet Silent Fill Valve’ You absolutely rock Colin! This is a brilliant tutorial; clear, well-written and comprehensive. Thank you.  

2016/11/13 – Ed

Re Post: ‘How A Toilet Silent Fill Valve Works’ This is one of the best descriptions that I have encountered on a topic that is far from intuitive! Impressive and very helpful. I did managed to somehow correct my ‘ever flowing’ cistern before I read the article, and now I understand the why and how … Continue reading “2014/11/03 – Chris”

2014/11/03 – Chris

Re Post: ‘Dyson Slim DC18 Undercarriage Repair’ Wow Colin!!! Thank you for your super-thorough instructions. Just done the replacement followed your instructions and it was totally straightforward. Delighted! Saved us buying a new Dyson!! Thank you!!  

2014/02/16 – Clare