Dyson Slim DC18 Cleaner Head Maintenance

Introduction This article advises how to perform Dyson Slim DC18 Cleaner Head Maintenance. This can involve removing the Brushbars to remove items that have got wrapped around them and removing the Soleplate for access  so dirt can be cleaned out. In extreme cases the Motor Housing can be opened so that dirt can be sucked out of … Continue reading “Dyson Slim DC18 Cleaner Head Maintenance”

Dyson Slim DC18 Filter Cleaning

Introduction This article describes the Dyson Slim DC18 Filter Cleaning process for the Pre-filter and the HEPA (Highly Efficient Particle Arrester) Post-filter. Many devices in this world which pump air have air filters. They’re installed to stop dirt harming mechanisms, bearings, etc.. Without filters that dirt would ultimately make them perform badly or fail.  The air filters clog up … Continue reading “Dyson Slim DC18 Filter Cleaning”

Dyson Slim DC18 Undercarriage Repair

Introduction This post gives a detailed description, with photos and reference to a Parts Diagram, of how to replace a Dyson Slim DC18 Undercarriage. The Undercarriage would require changing if part of it broke since parts cannot be obtained individually. I changed mine when the Air Input Changeover Valve Actuator broke. “Since I first published … Continue reading “Dyson Slim DC18 Undercarriage Repair”

2014/02/16 – Clare

Re Post: ‘Dyson Slim DC18 Undercarriage Repair’ Wow Colin!!!Thank you for your super-thorough instructions. Just done the replacement followed your instructions and it was totally straightforward.Delighted!Saved us buying a new Dyson!!Thank you!!  

2017/10/26 – spadesmaster

Re Post: ‘Dyson Slim DC18 Undercarriage Repair’ Thanks for this great post Colin, especially the super helpful photos. I’m quite technically inclined and this was a little more complicated than I thought and your ‘gotchas’ regarding the switches etc. were really helpful and I’m sure this saved me at least an hour of time I … Continue reading “2017/10/26 – spadesmaster”