Bionic Prosthetic Hand For The 21st Century

bionic prosthetic hand


prosthetic hand

I listened to the BBC Radio 2 Jeremy Vine show on 23rd June and heard a great article about a young woman who had been given a bionic prosthetic hand for the 21st century. Her name is Nicky Ashwell and here she is in the following video tweet being interviewed by Jeremy Vine who went on to receive this handshake.

Nicky Ashwell With Jeremy Vine

More About The Bionic Prosthetic Hand

In the featured image, taken by Alex Lentati (@alexlentati), you can see Nicky delicately handling a flower with her  hand. Here is a video of her making more use of it – to thread a needle:

In the BBC interview video below you you can see Nicky tie a shoelace:

I have found another article about Nicky and her ‘bebionic’ hand at New Atlas (Previously known as Gizmag).

Below you can see a video demonstrating the various grips this hand, originally made by The Steeper Group but now owned by Ottobock US, can perform.

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