North Norfolk Railway Journey

north norfolk railway

The North Norfolk Railway

The North Norfolk Railway (NNR), known as The Poppy Line, runs from Holt to Sheringham via Kelling Heath Halt (for Kelling Heath Park) and Weybourne. A total distance of 5¼ miles. My wife, dog Leo and I road the rails there and back from Holt on 10th April 2014.

You can No.76034 having recently arrived at Holt in the featured image here.

The line runs along the part of the North Norfolk coast but stays inland from Holt to Weybourne. After Weybourne it runs nearer the coast on its way to Sheringham. A map of the line is available at and the line is  highlighted here on Google Earth (which must be installed to see it).

Photographs Taken En Route To Sheringham

It was a gentle ride between Holt and Weybourne allowing me to take photos from the moving train with ease as you can see below.

north norfolk railway
Trackside Gorse, Weybourne In The Distance and the North Sea beyond.
north norfolk railway
Next Stop Weybourne.

Weybourne Towermill

north norfolk railway
Weybourne Towermill

The windmill at Weybourne, known as Weybourne Towermill, is now part of the house attached to it which was originally the mill’s granary. It can be accessed by a lane going north towards the coast from the main A149 Sheringham road. Below is a picture I took of it from the train.

Weybourne Station

As our train pulled into the station at Weybourne (actually near Weybourne Heath a mile south of Weybourne) we saw these women in bridal gowns (below) taking part in a photo shoot.

north norfolk railway
Bridal Photo Shoot taking place on arrival at Weybourne Station.

If you want to drive to Weybourne Station have a look at this map (select the marker):

Unfortunately our view was blocked by No.8572 (below) waiting in Weybourne Station as we drew to a halt.

north norfolk railway
Passing No.8572 in Weybourne Station en route to Holt.

On our platform everything was very neat and tidy with passengers enjoying their wait on the seats provided.

north norfolk railway
Weybourne Station

Sheringham Station

I normally welcome the sun when taking photos but at Sheringham Station the platform had a southern aspect so the sun’s glare got in the way.

north norfolk railway
Rear of No.76034 – recently arrived at Sheringham.
north norfolk railway
Front of No.76034 – recently arrived at Sheringham.

When I took the picture above I couldn’t step back far enough from the edge of the platfor so I took two photos of No.76034.

There follows a short video of No.76034 passing to the other end of the carriages it has just hauled to Sheringham ready to take them back to Holt. As is often the case plenty of enthusiasts got in the way.

Outside Sheringham station, by the signal box, is a hexagonal Victorian Pillar Box. These aren’t very common in my opinion. I recall seeing only four of them. You can see the one at Sheringham below.

north norfolk railway
Victorian Hexagonal Pillar Box at Sheringham Station.

Anyone wishing to get to either the NNR Sheringham station or the National Rail station may benefit from this map (select the marker):

Return To Holt Station

north norfolk railway
No.76034 at Holt Station.
North Norfolk Railway
The Holt Flyer

As you can see here Holt Station has a nice clean layout with well tended greenery. In the distance and to the right you can see NNR’s Routemaster Bus known as the ‘Holt Flyer’ which they use to transport people from Holt town centre to Holt station. I went by car and found ample car parking space.

If you want to get to Holt Station by road have a look at this map (select the marker):

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