Supporting Broken Timber Fence Posts


A friend of mine has a fence at the bottom of his garden made from six 6′ x 6′ (1.8m x 1.8m) interwoven panels erected on a three feet high bank of soil. His neighbours garden starts beyond the bank of soil. So work could be done on the bank to support the fence. The panels are fixed to 3inch2 (75mm2) posts dug into the bank of soil. Over a two year period the posts snapped one by one, at or just below ground level, due to wind pressure and rot. This has left the fence with broken timber fence posts throughout. Because they snapped one at a time the other posts held the fence up but the panels attached to the broken timber fence post were floppy and moved about in the wind begging to be repaired. So I repaired it only to find another snapped a few weeks later. Over time they all snapped and had to be repaired by the same or similar method. One end post has a simple horizontal stay going from midway up the post to a tree about two feet behind and to one side of it.

Ideally the posts would be replaced but I offered to do a quick fix as each one broke. I attached two diagonal stays from the middle of each post and two horizontal stays near the bottom. These stays cannot be seen from my friend’s garden because they are behind his fence. They have lasted for a year on all the posts with one exception. Continue reading “Supporting Broken Timber Fence Posts”

Wood Screws and Bolts

A collection of facts about Wood Screws and Bolts

This article on wood screws and bolts is very basic at the moment but may get improved with time.

Wood Screw Chart by W. L. Fuller

wood screws and bolts
Coach Bolt
wood screws and bolts
Coach Screw

Wood Screws Which Don’t Split Wood

This link goes to Titan Metal Werks, Inc of Ilinois, USA a company which makes SplitStop screws which they claim won’t split the wood they are screwed into. They appear to drill themselves in and make a countersunk hole to boot. They are mainly intended for fixing decking. See their example video by opening or downloading and playing their WMV file by selecting “Download File” below:

This is what TITAN have to say about their products:

“Experience the ability to place wood screws within 1/8″ of the edge of a board without splitting the wood. Install deck boards and railing balusters with little fear of splitting! Penetrate knots without shearing-off screw heads! Countersink effortlessly, even in Oak! All without predrilling!” — Titan