Drag-n-Drop Context Menu in Windows 7

Drag-n-Drop Context Menu Discovered After Nearly Losing Files

drag-n-drop context menu
A File Icon Being Dragged Across The Desktop

After many years I have just found that there is a specific Drag-n-Drop Context Menu, in Microsoft Windows 7 at least. For much of that time I avoided Drag-n-Drop in favour of Copy and Paste. This discovery came about after I found I was Moving files out of folders accidentally, by using Drag-n-Drop, when all I wanted to do was copy them to other folders. This resulted in me nearly losing some files by moving them out of their original folders.

If I have a folder full of files open in Windows Explorer from which I can drag files I can click on a file with my RIGHT mouse button and hold it down then drag the file from that folder, just like I could with the LEFT mouse button. Once the pointer moves over the desktop, or an application window, whilst dragging a message appears attached to the pointer saying, “Copy to ….” or “Move to ….” or Cannot place in ….as demonstrated in the image above where it says “Move to Desktop”.

If I then release the RIGHT mouse button away from Windows Explorer whilst over an application window onto which I can drop the file I am offered a Drag-n-Drop Context Menu thus:

Drag-n-Drop Context Menu 2
The Drag-n-Drop Context Menu

From the Context Menu I can choose to “Copy here”, “Move here”“Create shortcuts here” (to the selected file), or “Cancel” the operation. According to Microsoft the choices on the Context Menu are determined by the application from which the file was dragged.

If I were to hold down the LEFT mouse button while dragging I would not be able to choose between “Copy here”, “Move here”“Create shortcuts here” (to the selected file), or “Cancel” the operation. because there would not be a Drag-n-Drop Context Menu. The action would be determined by the receiving application Which mostly seems to be “Move here”.

This Drag-n-Drop Context Menu doesn’t replace the normal Context Menu obtained by simply right clicking (and releasing) the RIGHT mouse button while pointing to a file in Windows Explorer.

Ref: See what Microsoft have to say about the Drag-n-Drop Context Menu.

Author: Helpful Colin

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