Ring Automotive Air Compressor RAC900


This post is about the Ring Automotive Air Compressor RAC900 which is an excellent pump for inflating anything with a Schrader valve, (e.g. car tyres, bicycle tyres, etc.) or balls, airbeds, etc. (3 attachments are supplied). It has to be powered by a 12 volt (30 amp peak) supply such as a car battery (not provided). So to use it with a car the bonnet must be opened and the battery cover removed to expose the battery terminals for connection. I don’t think it would be safe to connect it to a cigar lighter socket. It does come with an inline 30 amp fuse.


A few weeks ago I passed a friend in the street who was inflating his car tyres on his driveway with a Ring Automotive Air Compressor RAC900. He was very eager to show me his new tyre pump which was powered from his car battery. He explained how it had the following advantages over other tyre pumps:

  • It inflated tyres very quickly.
  • It had a built-in pressure gauge.
  • It was very well-engineered.
  • It came with a long yellow curly plastic pipe to reach all tyres on a car.
  • It was very quiet compared to other 12 volt air compressors I have heard.
  • It was Made in England, Leeds in fact.
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