My Casio Databank Watch is DEAD

My Old Casio Databank Watch

Casio Databank Watch

I bought this Casio Databank Watch (LEFT) in 1995 and although it has had several batteries and replacement straps it has lasted 18 years until this week when I noticed the digits had all gone off.

A week before I noticed it had reset to a date in 1990. I don’t know why. I altered the date and time to correct it then, but now when I take out the battery and put it back the illuminating light stays on and some peculiar digits display or I get no digits.

There is an AC (All Clear) button inside but operating it has little effect. This is something I have noticed before when I have changed the battery but I have usually got it to reset. This time it is proving really awkward and I feel it is time to change it for a new one.

This is the second model I had. The first had a real bulb in it to light it up. and was bought right back in the 1970’s and lasted until I got the second model. The second model had an electroluminescent back-light that glowed green.

When they first came out it was suggested they might not last for many years but in fact it has lasted all this time and outlasted the electronics of the watch.

Maybe it has succumbed to a Tin Whisker somewhere.

My New Casio Databank Watch

Casio Databank Watch

I have now bought a replacement Casio Databank Watch (LEFT). This is available from: Timeshop4You.

These watches are available in slightly different models and from other shops. See Google’s list here.

So far I am happy with it although it has an amber coloured LED back-light. This emanates from the bottom left corner. It’s reminiscent of the old pea grain filament bulb that I had in my very first Databank watch.

The electroluminescent type in the second model gave a very even green glow which I preferred.

Casio Databank Watch
Casio DBC-3


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