Preventing Steel Rusting on My Carport

This post describes the methods used to prevent steel rusting on the frame of my car port. I used two part epoxy resin paint when I repainted rusty sections after 19 years. Continue reading “Preventing Steel Rusting on My Carport”

Dripping noise from a rainwater spout


This post refers specifically to downpipes with a square cross section. It shows how to modify a rainwater downpipe spout (shoe) to stop a dripping noise when the drip starts within the outlet shoe. For drips that drop off the guttering outlet and fall all the way down to the bottom of a straight downpipe and hit the shoe you may get immediate relief from the noise by removing the shoe and letting the drip fall on the ground, roof or whatever is below the downpipe. In the long term this may cause excessive splashing under heavy rain which could cause damage to foundations or brickwork mortar, because the water is not directed away from the building. The drip needs to be guided to the side of the downpipe so it will run down the pipe and only tend to drip at the bottom where it can be dealt with by the method described here. Any method devised must not prevent leaves and dirt from being washed all the way down the pipe or a blockage will ensue.

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Employees Pose Security Risks To Businesses

Employees Pose Security Risks To Businesses

Employees pose security risksTrend Micro says employees pose security risks to businesses by their carelessness. So don’t allow access to your business data through your employees. Data is exposed by Wi-Fi hijacking and by employees losing mobile devices.

Read about it on IT PRO by clicking here.

Drag-n-Drop Context Menu in Windows 7

Drag-n-Drop Context Menu Discovered After Nearly Losing Files

drag-n-drop context menu
A File Icon Being Dragged Across The Desktop

After many years I have just found that there is a specific Drag-n-Drop Context Menu, in Microsoft Windows 7 at least. For much of that time I avoided Drag-n-Drop in favour of Copy and Paste. This discovery came about after I found I was Moving files out of folders accidentally, by using Drag-n-Drop, when all I wanted to do was copy them to other folders. This resulted in me nearly losing some files by moving them out of their original folders. Continue reading “Drag-n-Drop Context Menu in Windows 7”

Bed Headboard Wall Fixings


This post describes a method for DIY readers to make and mount bespoke wooden Bed Headboard Wall Fixings, to my design, so that no bolts are visible and so the headboard can be removed by just lifting it vertically to allow for cleaning or horizontal adjustment. It gives a specific example. Other headboards will be different, but I hope anyone wanting to use this fixing method can work out how to do it with their headboard. I’m open to questions – just use the comment process.

Headboards are usually mounted on beds using parts supplied by the manufacturer but sometimes it’s best to mount them on the wall instead. The manufacturer’s wooden stalks and fixing bolts often protrude behind the bed. When the bed is pushed against the wall they can scratch the wallpaper and skirting board. They take up space and keep the bed away from the wall so that in a small room the space between the foot of the bed and the next object (furniture or wall) is too small. Without a headboard attached a bed can often be pushed up to the wall by another 20mm to 50mm and many headboards can then be mounted on the wall above the mattress level. Be aware that with a headboard mounted on the wall and the bed pushed up to the wall underneath it the length of bed available for sleeping may be reduced by 20mm to 50mm.

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Ring Automotive Air Compressor RAC900


This post is about the Ring Automotive Air Compressor RAC900 which is an excellent pump for inflating anything with a Schrader valve, (e.g. car tyres, bicycle tyres, etc.) or balls, airbeds, etc. (3 attachments are supplied). It has to be powered by a 12 volt (30 amp peak) supply such as a car battery (not provided). So to use it with a car the bonnet must be opened and the battery cover removed to expose the battery terminals for connection. I don’t think it would be safe to connect it to a cigar lighter socket. It does come with an inline 30 amp fuse.


A few weeks ago I passed a friend in the street who was inflating his car tyres on his driveway with a Ring Automotive Air Compressor RAC900. He was very eager to show me his new tyre pump which was powered from his car battery. He explained how it had the following advantages over other tyre pumps:

  • It inflated tyres very quickly.
  • It had a built-in pressure gauge.
  • It was very well-engineered.
  • It came with a long yellow curly plastic pipe to reach all tyres on a car.
  • It was very quiet compared to other 12 volt air compressors I have heard.
  • It was Made in England, Leeds in fact.

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