Mouse Without Borders By Microsoft Garage

I have just found this amazing software, Mouse without Borders from Microsoft Garage, that allows me to move my pointer off the right-hand edge of my desk-top screen and onto the left-hand edge of my laptop to take control of it. I can then use my desk-top keyboard to type on my laptop.

The process works in reverse too (i.e. I can control my desk-top PC from my laptop touchpad & keyboard.) I could do this with up to four PC’s if I wanted. These are the controlling windows:

mouse without borders
mouse without borders

Mouse Without Borders requires all computers across which the pointer will move to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Initially when you install the software on PC1 you are given a security key and the name of that PC so you can enter them on PC2 when you install the software on that one.

You can get the software for free here: Microsoft Garage – Mouse Without Borders

What are the benefits you ask: Well I can just drag a file from one PC to the other. I don’t have to keep moving to the keyboard of the other to control it.

Euro Banknote Issuing Country Codes


The Euro crisis has caused some people to be concerned as to who is the Euro Banknote Issuing Country for the banknotes that they hold. The concept being that if a country in the Euro-zone goes belly up its notes will lose considerable value while the notes of the other Euro-zone countries will maintain their value. This situation is encouraging some people to hold onto the notes issued in certain countries while ditching (spending quickly or returning them to the bank) notes from certain other countries.

Table of Euro Banknote Issuing Country Codes

So according to Wikipedia this table relates the serial number prefix on Euro Banknotes to the country that issued them (see the notes below where codes are in parenthesis):

Euro Banknote Issuing Country


There aren’t any notes prefixed with the letters in the notes below.

  1. W, K and J are reserved for countries that are not yet in the Euro-zone.
  2. R is reserved for a state that doesn’t currently issue Euro Notes but is in the Euro-zone.


  1. The following example is a 5 EURO note from The Netherlands: P22280693815.
  2. The following example is a 10 EURO note from Germany: X73209895409.