Changing a Watch Battery

changing a watch battery


My wife’s wrist watch stopped working the other day. Usual problem – flat battery. So I popped onto the Internet and ordered four, from JewelleryForAll on the Amazon Marketplace, @ 45p each with free p+p. They arrived on 14th Jan 2012. A little late I thought since they were ordered on 3rd Jan 2012, but never mind they were cheap enough.

The Battery I Ordered

The new watch battery came in a package like this: Packaged Cell

When extracted it looks like this on the +ve side, the side which faces up in the watch. The colour is of course silver but this image allows the engraved text to be seen: +ve side of cell

This shows the -ve side, the side which faces down in the watch: -ve side of cell

Example – Changing a Watch Battery in a Sekonda Quartz Watch

The picture below shows the watch open. The back was easily prised off with a penknife. (I remember when I had a penknife with a special blade curved and not sharp especially to remove watch backs.) The watch back has a notch at one end so you can get a blade under it.

To take the battery out I had to loosen two screws A & B (see below). I found with this watch I don’t need to remove them, loosening will do. Having loosened them I can prise the old battery out and pop the new one in. If the screws are loosened too much and are at the ends of their threads they could ping out and be gone when I apply force to leaver out the battery.

changing a watch battery
Prising The Old Battery Out
changing a watch battery
Inserting The New Battery

The next image shows how to insert the new battery. It is best not to contaminate the surface with muck and sweat from the fingers (that can lead to bad electrical connections due to oxidation and corrosion of metalic contacts over time). I held the battery with tweezers but I had to be very careful not to short out the battery by holding the battery the easy way so that one prong of the tweezers grips the +ve side while the other is touching the -ve side. Instead the battery must be held around the circumference so that both prongs are in contact with the +ve side. The edge of the battery just has to be popped under the lip C and then pressed down. The battery and back of the watch can be covered with a piece of polythene bag while pressing in order to protect from finger dirt. After the battery is inserted the screws A & B must be tightened.

Changing a Watch Battery
Watch With Back Replaced

The back of this watch has a thin delicate rubber sealing ring to keep dirt and moisture out. If this drops off the back while handling it be very careful not to cut through it when putting it back on the flange. To replace the back check the slot for the adjustment spindle aligns with the spindle connecting to the adjusting knob, gently press it on and squeeze the back to the watch with finger and thumb until it snaps in place, all the time being careful that the sealing ring is not trapped out of place.

Changing a Watch Battery
Watch Front

Below is a video of this watch movement in action. To get the best view of the gears moving you should try viewing it in Full Screen mode.

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