Airlander Airship v Goodyear Airship

Airlander or Goodyear Airship?

The Airlander gets competition from another airship making its move, the Goodyear Dirigible airship making its move. It’s 246 feet long, 50 feet longer than previous models, and is dirigible (has a frame) not a balloon.

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Airship ‘Airlander’ – Made in England


This airship, the longest aircraft in the world at roughly 91m (300ft), from the US military Airlander project, has been brought to Cardington, Bedfordshire, England (home of the R101) for further development by a British company who built it in the first place. In fact the development is taking place in the same hanger used by the R101. Military budget cuts in the US have allowed the Americans to sell it back to the manufacturer – Hybrid Air Vehicles (HAV). Continue reading “Airship ‘Airlander’ – Made in England”